Eating at least one bowl of green salad every day could be one of the healthiest decisions you ever make. A salad is a basic but nutritious combination of very-low-calorie vegetables and it would help you lose weight fast and in a super healthy way. Beginning your daily meals with a very leafy salad in place of higher-calorie foods will help you lose weight, but only if you create it with the right components and incorporate in an unfailing diet plan. Here are some of the reasons why you need to get your salad game on:

  • Salads are rich in fiber. They are mainly leafy greens which contain tons of fiber. Fiber will make you feel full for longer and kick out the bad habit of uncontrolled eating. Fiber also lowers your cholesterol level thus helping you lose weight fast
  • A green salad at least once a day covers for all those times in the day when you didn’t have greens or fruits in your meal. A salad also lets you have mixed variety of veggies and fruits all in one bowl
  • Salads scream healthy everything. Avocados and nuts would add very healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals to your salad. Olive oil would act as a simple, nutritious, and tasty dressing.

One trick for getting the most out of your green salad is to skip the lettuce and compensate for it with more nutrient-dense darker greens such as spinach, kale, romaine, and arugula, or even a mix of baby greens.

Salad as a starter will help you decrease the portions of the main meal that you’re having. Also, when creating your salad, stick to veggies and lean protein as opposed to high-calorie toppings such as cheddar cheese and croutons. When you combine nutritious veggie salads with healthy meals and regular intense strength-training, you will lose weight fast and get healthier while at it.