“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.

Regardless of what you’ve heard or been told about diet and nutrition, everyone has heard this bit of “conventional wisdom” before.

In fact, we’ve all heard it SO MANY TIMES that it’s simply become engrained in our minds, and has been widely accepted – eating a nice, big, full breakfast will set us up for the rest of the day, giving us boundless energy, and will rev up our metabolism, making it easier to burn body fat.

Today we’re going to be addressing this nutritional sacred cow. We’ll be talking all about three myths surrounding the “breakfast fallacy” and let you in on why this little meal may not be as important as you think.

Myth #1 – Skipping Breakfast Will Make You Hungry

On paper, this sounds like it makes sense.  After all, if you skip your first meal the day, it’s only going to make you that much hungrier when lunch time comes around, right?

Things aren’t quite that simple.

Yes, going an unreasonably long time between meals will ramp up hunger and food cravings…but waiting until lunch to eat is not an “unreasonable” amount of time.  You’re simply extending your overnight fast (you’re not eating when you’re sleeping, right?) a few extra hours.

In fact, many people find that, once they get used to it, skipping breakfast doesn’t make them any more hungry by noon than they would be if they ate first thing in the morning.

Myth #2 – Skipping Breakfast Will Cause My Metabolism To Slow Down

This is one of those myths that just won’t die.

It goes something like this – your body is evolutionarily tuned to store body fat in order to prepare for a food shortage (i.e. a famine).  When you skip a meal, your body senses a shortage in the environment and flips into “starvation mode”, causing the metabolism to slow down and promote fat storage.

Scary stuff!  Fortunately, it’s complete nonsense.

Not only have there been no credible studies demonstrating that this is the case, but…your body isn’t that stupid. Yes, you’ve evolved systems to protect you from starvation…but waiting a few more hours to eat is NOT starvation.

Myth #3 – Eating Breakfast Is Necessary For Daily Energy

This is another one that sounds like it makes sense, but falls apart when you look at it critically.  Most people have more than enough energy from their previous meals the day before to get them through the morning.

In fact, many find that breakfast leaves them with less energy, because their body has to work that much harder to digest all that food (if you’ve ever had the dreaded mid-morning energy crash, you know what we’re talking about).

Should I Eat Breakfast?

If you want.

Some people enjoy breakfast.  Other don’t, and consider it a hassle.

So, if you hate the thought of getting up an hour earlier to cook eggs, don’t worry about it.

Save the meal prep for lunch.